M&M Image is not a classic model agency, but in most M&M project one or more female models play role. Our partners (fashion, beauty companies, fashion and lifestyle magazines) are always looking for new faces, new talents. Our creative challenge to find these talents. So good to see how a woman becomes a successful model.

Trend changes fast. Faster than ten years before.
Model is something like a perfume. Before everyone adored one favorite perfume for long years, but today we hunt novelty. New means freshness – nothing is more powerful than a fashion or beauty ad with a new face. A talented model is ready to make the wildest dreams of photographers and designers come true.

Attention is the basis in talent search. In this modern world attention is rare. We only believe that we pay attention, but our senses are sensitive to everything, therefore what matters is often unnoticed.

To recognize a talent, model abilities is not an easy task – successful talent search is based on professional shooting experience, good communication skills, positive thinking, and respect of profession.

M&M Photographer concentrates, and this is why he recognizes what others might not treat important, he has a different point of view, and sees the model in reality.
M&M team members travel a lot, see a lot, model search is not a hobby, but a committed professional challenge for them.

Present and future - M&M Image is committed to the always evolving fashion and beauty industry, therefore looking for new top talents, and provides the most successful models.

M&M Image is continuously looking for all types of New Faces.

M&M MODELS projects: MODEL PORTFOLIO SHOOT First step of a successful model carrier – Show up! Here I am! – I am who you look for!
M&M professional model portfolio is the effective tool of a successful model life.
Learn more about Model Shoot and Model Portfolio Shoot. (link)

Model Look – Model contest
M&M Image Model Look Search is a new international model contest, to find the future top models.
Model Look Search offers you the chance to take the first step in your model carrier, and to have a peak in a models everyday life and model routine.
Apply now if you want to be a model with an international carrier in New York, London, Milan, Dubai…

M&M IMAGE special projects
Feminine women among the vibrating colorful cultures. Femininity, types, emotions, ideals, lifestyle és female identity. Woman in the modern world of fashion and comsumption. Role of fashion, beauty, and clothing in female identity. Appearance and existence – Style can not be bought.
Coco Chanel: "Fashion fades, style remains the same". "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening".
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Today and Future - M&M Image sustains its commitment to supplying top talent (success models) and continues to set precedents within the always evolving fashion and beauty industry.