Emotion, happiness
Appearance and existence
We live in a modern world full of events, and so many stimulus never seen before. Our senses are always occupied. We feel that we can get everything, but there’s not enough time. We suffer from time absence. Our wishes stay unfulfilled, our happiness isn’t cloudless.

There are many words in Sanskrit language to describe the several levels of happiness. We too have to find the balance between mode of consumption (appearance) and existence.

The aim of M&M Image is to support individual lifestyle (which is in harmony with nature and is full of positive emotions and experiences) with the tools of digital communication and advertising. We shall rather exist not appear!
We have to know that our wishes and consumption can’t be conflicting with nature.

Do and create – live in the present and plan the future
Being means do and create. But much matters on individual and business givens.
The question is not what you should be, rather what you can and shall be.
M&M projects, cooperation, business consultation and business partner relationships offer the chance to cross our own borders.
According to M&M Image: future is not ready, go and make it better, more beautiful.

Moments and emotions
Both come and go. But we can do a lot to get closer to positive values and qualities.
To live the moments make our life happier.

But mankind has a problem: man can not concentrate on two or more things. Only

M&M Image helps to improve attention with the tools of creative commerce, valuable and quality products and services. And to develop a positive approach.

Future is just coming! Further challenges in front of M&M Image

A global task of creative communication, advertising, industry and commerce is to make the world happier. By building harmony with nature and a more conscious consumption this is not a difficult task.

Relativity and fractal geometry
Same reality might be put in different bunches (point of view, viewing angle, time) and the same truth might appear in a very different face.

Synchronization ( C.G. Jung )
Typical Western thinking asks: what causes what. The question shall rather be this: coincidence – which things happen at the same time?

Sixth sense
Extrasensory perception ( ESP) Involves reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind.

Harmony between nature and human, realistic and achievable wishes in a world with limited resources.
If you know what shall be done, than what we wish, it will just happen.

In any circumstances try to adapt. Resistance is not the solution, adaptation is the right strategy.
Do something for joy, for others, for nature!
M&M IMAGE special projects
Feminine women among the vibrating colorful cultures. Femininity, types, emotions, ideals, lifestyle és female identity. Woman in the modern world of fashion and comsumption. Role of fashion, beauty, and clothing in female identity. Appearance and existence – Style can not be bought.
Coco Chanel: "Fashion fades, style remains the same". "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening".
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